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Default Re: Fellow Drummers, I Need Your Help!

I do not know how to say this without attracting a lot of dissonant posts. But, isnít this a little out of proportion?

I know that many musicians feel that music is the most important thing to a well rounded education, but music is entertainment. Musicians make money by playing music, teaching music, repairing and manufacturing musical instruments. So of course, professionals who make money from music would be interested in seeing the government support musical education. Can we just step back a bit here?

There are many benefits to studying music that can not be denied. Some of the benefits are that individuals do better in math, logic, language skills, and spatial thinking. However, with budget cuts and the decreasing performance scholastically of the U.S. schools, I think there are more important ways to spend the rare education dollars needed to help the next generation compete in the world. Our children need to learn how to make a living on their own, and it does or does not necessarily mean a musical career.

Math, science, writing, social studies, and physical education are just some of the subjects more important than music study. Some people feel that without religion there would be no morality in our society. But, people have the ability to worship or not to worship as they choose, and they provide specific religious studies to their children as they feel it is necessary. Many immigrants to the U.S. have their children learn the languages of the ancestors in after school activities because they feel that this is most important to their education. People have the ability to study music as they wish outside of mainstream education. Let the local school boards decide to have or have not a musical program, not to make it a mandatory.
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