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Default Pretty cool idea

I was watching a show about this really smart PHD who invented that internet security know, the one where you have to look at a squiggly lettered word and decipher it and type it into another box?

Anyway, he took it one step further and basically is enlisting anyone who deciphers one to decode printed text that computers can't recognize for the purpose of digitizing all books written pre digital. Computers can recognize some of the text from the old manuscripts, but there are a lot of errors and gaps in the text that we help with by deciphering. For instance the New York Times has archives of every newspaper they ever did, and already you and I and everybody else have deciphered 20 years worth of NY Times. They said it should be complete sometime next year. This is not limited to newspapers of course. What a smart idea.

So the 10 seconds you "waste" typing in those words are helping to populate the internet with classic text.
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