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What I personally love about Halpern is his unique live performance. He brings that "jazz spontaneity" to a genre of music that is typically populated with drummers that might as well be drum-machines! Some people want to go to a show and hear they drummer play EXACTLY what's on the recording, but I love seeing live videos of Matt because every performance is just a little different... but the essence of the recorded pattern is still there.
check out this drum-cam video of Insomnia, keeping in mind what you have already heard from the album... it's very cool.
Pay special attention to 3:20 and on...
When Matt first joined periphery, I was part of the "Orbo Club" that really missed his robotic performance, but I began to appreciate Matt's style when I started seeing live videos of him on that 3 piece kit. He's like Ken Schalk and Chris Pennie... with a sprinkle of Tomas Haake for good measure.
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