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Default Re: Songs that totally rock out

Another vote for Them Crooked Vultures, but for me it's Reptiles, man I love that intro! Just sooo cool!

And now I'm gonna throw out two by The Mars Volta since I can't seem to stop listening to them:
1. Teflon (from Octehedron) coolest 4/4 pulse that feels more like a 3, 3, 2 grouping. Very slick. Oh, and Cotopaxi.
2. The Bedlam in Goliath (pretty much the whole record).

I know there's been a bit of controversy on this topic recently, but I'm gonna do it anyway:

Thomas Pridgen is not only the BEST drummer on the planet, he's also the COOLEST.

(oh man, that was fun! hehe!) Is there anyone who has this much fun when they play? He makes me laugh my ass off!

I was just reading the other day that he's left handed but plays righty on a righty kit (like Stewart Copeland, hmmm). No wonder he has such a strong bite. He pushing me more and more in the open-handed direction because I'm increasingly thinking that that's what gives you that bite - having the dominant hand nailing those back beats with zero Bonham-esque slop (at least that the effect it has on me when I play open-handed).

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