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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Hmm, I'm not sure anyone noticed these, posted in a thread in the General Discussion section. If you did, sorry for the repost. If not, these are from Friday night here at Berklee during an open rehearsal for their 60th anniversary concert the following night. Here's what I wrote before-

"I SAW GADD TONIGHT!!!!! He walked down the aisle, some 10 feet away from me, as he was going up to practice. It was incredible! There was a full orchestra, plus rhythm section (Abe Laboriel Sr on bass!), and it was great to hear Gadd play with an orchestra, as I've always felt he is a natural fit to that kind of group playing/dynamic (on the other hand, where isn't he a natural...). Plus, it was great to see Gadd having to listen to the conductor for what to do, i.e. there was one cymbal hit that was too loud and he had to write in his music to play softer --- something you'd almost never think of Gadd needing to do. And he SCREWED UP a few times, misread the music or missed a cue here and there, truly still working out the parts. And this was awesome to watch, to see how he learns parts and creates the music that we lovingly accept as yet another page from the ever-evolving Drum Bible."

And the pictures, sorry about the limited angles, but the only way I was gonna get clear shots without a tripod was by holding it against whatever immovable surface was around, i.e. the chair arm rests.

looking over the sheet music

that's Abe on the right

that's Abe on the left

that's Abe's rump on the right, heh

Edit: to resize the photos. But how exactly do you "kill" the layout with pig pics?

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