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Default Re: Songs that totally rock out

I agree brother.

Black Sabbath's Sabotage album is great! Symptom of the Universe has that catchy riff guitar from Tony Iommi, is excellent.

Well you know as much as I do - Led Zeppelin is Led Zeppelin. I like "We're gonna groove", the way Bonham rides the Bell!!!

+ Deep Purple: Smoke on the water, Space truckin', Highway star, Mandrake root, Fireball, Speed king, Living wreck, Wring that neck, Hush.......

Originally Posted by bonzolead View Post
yes "hole in the sky" or "system of the universe" sabatage is one of the most under-rated sabbath albums of all time.

for me it's either "heartbreaker" or "when the levee breaks" by Zep even too this day when I hear the intro it still send chills, I more bias to "when the levee breaks" the greatest recorded drum track ever................IMHO of course LMAO.

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