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Default Re: Songs that totally rock out

Originally Posted by Pkaneps View Post
Every Them Crooked Vultures song. Especially around 2:43 of No One Loves Me & Neither Do I.
GOD! DAMN! RIGHT!!! I was just about to post the exact same thing. Every time it gets to that part, right before Josh goes, "Uuh!" I crank that shit up. No way I can keep still. It's literally the most perfect part of any song I've ever heard.

A Song For The Deaf by Queens of the Stone Age at 3:12.
Freedom Run by Kyuss at 2:21.
Manic Depression by The Hendrix Experience at 2:36
Purity by Slipknot at 2:45

This last one doesn't really rock out, but I still love it:
Between the Lines by Sara Bareilles at 3:20

EDIT: I just saw your post, Steelie. Don't worry, I don't think Slipknot is entirely frowned upon just yet. :p
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