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Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
Wow, I really dig the pedals there. I also love leopard print finishes. Do you have a thread for your set? I will stop by there.

You might want to use a simple photo editing program, like Windows Picture Manager, to lighten up the photo and show more of the pedals. Looks like you have a hi hat, bass, tambourine and something else I can't identify.
Its a lousy camera, and it recently went kaput on me. :(

For pedals, its an Axis A double with a longboard on the left side, normal on the right.

The far left pedal is a Tama pedal with a Terry Bozzio beater that has a pair of finger cymbals threaded on it that strikes a jamblock which simulataneously sounds the tamborine. The longboard slave is next, then inside that is an Axis hihat stand with a shortboard. To the right of the main kick pedal is a DW5500 hihat stand clamped to the BD with a pair of 12" hats on them. (12" AA splash on top of a cut down 16" Sabian Metal AAX.)

I'll probably start a thread about the kit soon. Lots of stuff hiding in there, but still looks basic.

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