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Default Re: I cant decide where to move for my music career

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
If it's christians you seek, then start looking in the most obvious place for them. Why not grab a phone and start ringing various churches in the three cities and checking out the scene that way. Ask for contacts who are playing in church bands and what not. Speak to them, get their take on the christian metal scene in their city. Surely someone will be able to give you a few leads.

I don't think asking "2 to 4 people" on Craigs List is enough 'market research' for you to be honest. Dig a little deeper before you decide. No point packing up and moving if you're not likely to meet the kind of people you want to play with.
This is a great idea for sure. Thanks! And i do agree that my asking 2 to 4 people on craigslist is not good market research in and of itself. Thats why i posted this thread :)

Anybody else have any thoughts? There has to be some of you that live in these cities that may have some info that could help me out.
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