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GREAT QUESTION: Its funny because Dennis is a good friend of mine and we discussed this topic before. I won't get into some of the specifics of our conversation for obvious reasons. ha!! But for sure you have to tone down your playing a bit. Don't get me wrong you still have to play strong and lay down that groove. The percussion is there for you and you have to support it and vise versa. You may discuss it or over time certain fills are yours and certain fills are theirs. I work with Emilio Santiago for over 20 years so we have a great feel for each other. It get to the point where certain bands will hire us together because of what we bring to their band. Just keep your ears open and don't get in each others way. So yea you have to have EARS when playing with a percussionist. Especially on a busy latin gig where all hell can break loose at any time.
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