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Default Re: What piece of kit do you most dream of owning?

Since we're dreaming here, can I have a whole drumset? All carved from an old growth North American birdseye maple log that is 300 years old, milled in the style of Canopus' Zelkova snare, (slightly barrel shaped for strength) only with nothing drilled into the shell except 3 grommet-less vent holes, gorgeous oiled hand rubbed woodgrain, each head independently tensioned off the shell without lugs, and a mechanism for popping off both batter and reso hoops at the same time, with just 1 lever so you could change shells if you wanted to on the fly...When you use the lever to snap the 2 halves back together after swapping the shells, the tuning remains unchanged, but of course you still have tension rods to tune it like a standard drum.

Buying drums = buying shells and reusing hardware.
Suspension mounting is inherent, I would spec in die cast counter hoops, color logo engraved in the hoops, (no badge on drums, no lugs, no metal at all)
Of course a whole warehouse full of the worlds finest cymbals all held on the sturdiest and lightest cymbal stands with ratchetless universal tilters.

But more importantly,

To be able to really move people when I'm playing them.

OK I'm awake now.
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