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Default Re: what are your hobbies (legal ones ) !

Sir ... Andy? :) "Trouble Afoot" isn't a hanging piece. I don't think it's for anything functional, really :) It's just something that came to mind that seemed like fun. Foot poses were by an ex b/f and then he was on the other side of the camera for my face poses (which may explain why the pic is so ugly :)

The nice piece is called "The Outsider". An adaptation of it was used for an annual report cover a few years ago. I think a print of is hanging in an office in an outer CBD as well.

gwaco, I consider "weird" to be a compliment. Thank you :) One of the great things about this forum is that almost everyone has at least one passionate interest. Apart from the pure pleasure of it, I think being passionately interested in things is great for people in a holistic sense.
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