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Default Re: what are your hobbies (legal ones ) !

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I can't believe you did all that yourself. It's truly magnificent. What do you have, like your own construction company or something? Or did Bob help you?
No Larry, seriously, I did that all myself, with great support from my long suffering wife. Literally the only exceptions are; the dragon that was carved by a wood sculpture friend, a local guy hired as driver for the digger & telehandler, and another friend who helped with some of the electrical work and moving rocks for a week. So 99% my own work. That's not just the grounds, but the house from the oak frame up too, and the other structures. I'm very good at building roof structures now! Literally every evening, every weekend, & all holiday time from work for 4 years.

I bought the place 3 days before Christmas for a very cheap price. It was in a real mess, but I was still lucky to secure the deal. These photos are taken after 2 years of work already completed on the buildings. Anyhow, the dragon is called Cedric. Here's some mug shots of him. He's all black now and looks better for it. A few build shots too, including my behind when building the waterfall. I renovated the house & buildings before doing the landscaping.
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