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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

...these are my three dee dub kits.

Kit number one, 24x14,16x16, 13x9, 14x5.5 Classics in vintage marine pearl. This cymbal set up in cludes a 21" raw bell dry ride, (merci' Phillipe), 20" Manhattan ride, 14" dark hats, 16" hh thin, and 17" xtreme crash.

Kit number two are my collectors, 24x16, 16x16, 13x9, with a 14x6" edge snare. 21" Wil Calhoun ride, 14" Manhattan hats, 18" aaxplosion, and an 18" legacy crash.

Kit number three is another Classic kit. 22x14, 14x14, 12x8, in vintage marine pearl and brass hardware. The snare is a 13x5.5" Craviotto in ebony satin and black hardware. Cymbals, 21" raw bell dry ride, 14" dark hats, 18" med crash, 16, and 18" xtreme crashes.

I love these drums.

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