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Default Re: what are your hobbies (legal ones ) !

Wow Andy, living in a small rented one-bedroom flat I can scarcely believe your lifestyle. Stunning grounds - well done! I think I will have to call you "Sir" from now on. Well done, Sir Andrew of the Stately Home!


Most here probably already know my main other hobby ...

I used to be keen on digital art but shifted to cartoons because my art tended to look cartoonish anyway:

I used to enjoy creating music with sequencers but the guitarist in my band borrowed all my gear and disappeared interstate before expanding on his habit portfolio and hocking it all off :(

For some strange reason I have also always keen on statistics (probably some ADHD / Asperger-related mental deformity) and that's now become my livelihood.

Strangely enough, in recent years, I find myself with zero illegal hobbies for the first time in my life. Note to self ... Must Lift My Game ...
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