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Default Re: What would you do if you had all day, everyday off?

Well the only problem with visiting shops and stuff is
1. I don't have license or permit. Actually I start driving school in two weeks, so I'd have to put that plan off until next summer, assuming I don't have an internship.

Current schedule:
Wake up at 9:00 am, watch tv for a bit and eat.
10:00 am hop on the computer and do random stuff for an hour or two
12:00 play the set for like 2 hrs.
2:00 pm eat, do some of my summer assignments
4:00 start getting ready for my Tae Kwon Do classes
5:15 to around 7:00 pm I'm gone
7pm get home, take a shower and eat
8 pm to 11 pm relax via ipod, internet, maybe watch a movie on the huge tv in the basement or play the ps3.
If I'm awake any later I must have found something interesting on the internet or on the tv.
1am to 9am get my eight hours and repeat the process, maybe slightly altered by doing push-ups, lifting weights, going to the movies, mall, etc. Typical teenager lounging.

theindian same here, during the school year I'm always like "I'll try to do this during the summer break" but once it hits (and as you can see from my schedule) I'm like "'ll do it when I feel like it." lol
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