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Default Re: what are your hobbies (legal ones ) !

Originally Posted by Neil View Post
Wow KIS, incredible place, all I have is a fire escape with an olive tree in a pot. Which I suspect probably won't help in the event of a fire!

Looking back over your work must be very satisfying experience, that place is a great reflection on you, really shows what you can achieve with some dedication and hardwork.
Thanks Neil. That's one more olive tree than I started with! We've done 4 ground up renovations & landscaping. There's no way we could ever afford to get people in to do this stuff. Each project is literally 10's of thousands of man hours work. I've worked up to this by buying wrecks in lovely locations, doing the work, then selling for a profit & moving on to the next project. Breaks my heart every time I sell one of these life labours of love. Lucky for me, there's a bunch of people out there who are happy to pay a premium for our finished work. We won't be selling this one (our home) for a long time, unless-------
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