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Default what are your hobbies (legal ones ) !

larrys vintage car thread got me to thinking . what are some of your hobbies outside of drums ?
for me it has been marine fish tanks , more precisely reef tanks . the current tank is a 600 gallon one , but as of saturday it willbe shut down .
i'm saddened to have to do it but things change and the time to properly maintain it is no longer there . it will have one nice side effect - lower power bill ! 1000 + watts of lighting , multiple pumps pushing nearly 20, 000 gallons an hour , plus all the other electronics really add up fast .
but this also opens up the door to a new hobby . a 600 gallon low tech / low cost terrarium to house dart frogs !
one of the down sides of a fish tank is having someone you trust take care of it while your on vacation . the only person i trusted will be moving to thailand next year , so i also had to consider that also . with the terrarium i'm good to go !
it will also give me more time to help jennifer with her practices and do other things together .
so here are some pics of one hobby that will end , and soon some pics of the new hobby !
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