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Default Re: Kumu four piece.

Originally Posted by Rascul View Post
Wavelength, you're a bastard, let me tell you that. Now I want two extra toms as well :-)
I know. I just wanted to mess with ya! ;)

Originally Posted by jer View Post
Any comments on your findings between the 18" and 20" kick? Is there enough of a difference for your liking?
I haven't tried different tunings with the 18" yet, but at least in the pre-tuned higher (bebop) range it works a lot better than the 20". The larger drum is better suited for punchy pop/rock sounds -- it works well in a round funk tuning, too -- but I may still be in a market for an even bigger bass drum... maybe!

Originally Posted by Fishbones View Post
Wavelength, what's the unlathed k custom ride on your left?
You mean on my right? :) It's a 22" Zildjian K Custom Dry Light Ride, which has been discontinued. The sound is pure candy, and you can check out my videos for sound clips.
I play Kumu Drums. I also shoot videos.
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