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Default Re: What would you do if you had all day, everyday off?

Not working now, I ask myself this question every day.

My mornings are spent drinking coffee, surfing the net or doing chores. Go to lunch with the gf then typically head to my jam space until she's done work. Been playing lots of guitar, writing and arranging for the duo I hope to get off the ground with my gf.

Duo aside, we plan to travel. I guess for me that's the answer to "what to do when there's nothing to do". One of my favorite parts of touring with the band has been all these random places, sights and people that you never get to see enough of 'cause you've got to haul ass outta town early the next day to make you next gig. We're currently shopping for camper vans and hope to be on the road with no specific destination by the beginning of August.

Regarding the duo, tied in with the traveling - I'm imagining a scenario where once we get a set or 2 together, we can hit the road as performers and subsidize our travel expenses with gig income. That's the ultimate "what I'd do if I had everyday off" with a cherry-on-top / have my cake and eat it too scenario for me, we'll see if we can't make it happen.
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