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Default Re: Your Band/Musician website/page thread.

I've been trying to put up a band web page but when I signed up to MySpace I missed something and ended up with a personal site instead of a band site (I didn't know it was partitioned).

Googled to find a way of converting a personal site to a band site but none of the fixes worked.

Googled some more and people are saying they don't let you change it any more. But I signed up with the email that I access regularly where I receive responses to my actual personal website.


My personal music page with a history of stuff I've been involved in from the late 70s to now is on my personal site called Riji Dij.

I put it together years ago and could do with a face lift. I think it's easier to make your own site from scratch on your own domain than to use these &^%$# free sites ... probably should investigate getting a streaming player on there, though.
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