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Default Re: Suggestion- Gear Reviews

Originally Posted by Cottontop View Post
1. DW does not only consist of a forum, there are other parts
2. I said there wouldn't be TOO MUCH work.
3. As I said before, look at cooldrummer's post. He posted a link which is a good example of what I'm trying to explain
Yes, I've followed this thread mate....including cooldrummer's input. His example looks very much like a forum to me, but that aside, I still contest there would be a fair degree of work involved. People posting reviews in the wrong place (happens all the time here), reviews being doubled, trippled, quadrupled because no-one bothers to use the "SEARCH" function to see if one already exists, would need to be moved or amalgamated (again, happens all the time here). Someone has to do all that.

Look man, I've come across many of your posts, you're a good guy and I like your I have no wish to get into a forum pissing match with you. I just disagree with you that:
a) It doesn't have to be on the forum - I mean, how would members have any input....we have no access to make changes on the official DW site. How do you write and post a review but through the forum? Is Bernhard expected to test and review every concievable peice of gear as well as maintaining the site, plus collating information on, and adding new drummers from the wishlist?
b) It wouldn't take much work - For the reasons I've outlined above and then some, I think it would take an enormous amount of overseeing.

As stated, I like the idea, I just think the practicalities are an issue.

But as I said, run it by Bernhard. he may feel differently than I do.

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