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Default Re: Suggestion- Gear Reviews

Well on this forum you have started 5 threads and you have 47 replies. Not bad. Some advice. This forum has been here for a while. There are so many questions that have been answered time after time that often when someone new comes on and asks the same questions as previous posters, there will not be a lot of answers. I would spend a lot more time reading what has already been asked and you will probably find your answer. For instance, look at the number of posts on the how to clean cymbals thread. You would think that anyone new coming in would read those answers, although it may take a month, and find their answer. But it takes a lot of time so the easy way out is to ask the same question again. Then you get an old fart like me who goes, God, not another clean your cymbals question, so I do not reply. I have over 7000 posts. I may not have a life but I always look on here for an answer before posting another question. There is so much information on this site that to me the idea of making new categories for reviews for every major drum and cymbal company is ludicrous. Thats why my first reply to Cottontop was to look at the different categories already on the first page and most of the reviews would be there. If someone posts about a new drum set we always ask for pictures and the specs, which usually leads to a review or an opinion at least. The internet is full of photos, reviews, pricing etc etc etc that to put all of that on this forum would make it look like a Musicians Friend catalog. I just don't see it or see a need for it. Sorry, but spend some time reading rather than looking for instant gratification. I just saw a review today for the Gibraltar Catapult bass drum pedal and we haven't heard of that thing for almost a year. All good things will pass.
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