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I have *always* wanted a 60's-era Camaro. The new ones are being designed w/ a similar look but it wouldn't be the same.

There's a neighbor down the road who owns a large towing company and he's got a '66, I believe. Red with a white trimmed striped on top, front-to-back. It's the sexiest car I've ever seen.
The easiest way to tell the Camaro years apart is the 67' ( there was no 66, only the GM proto-type was a 66') has round parking lights in the grille as well as side vent windows on the doors. The 68 (which I had and restored) had rectangular parking lights in the grille and no vent windows. The 69" has 3 "gills" on the side in the rear quarter that look stupid and serve no purpose. Love the 67-68.
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