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Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
I love the look of many vintage American muscle cars, but we prefer something that can actually go round corners...
If you can't get a muscle car around a corner you're obviously not giving it enough gas. ;)

I appreciate this retro craze and all, but I don't want a car that has more computers in it than I have in my house. Being a software engineer that leaves a hell of a lot of wiggle room, but anything past 2005 is still shit outta luck. I like being able to fix my own car, man. What's that you say? Carbs aren't efficient? Eat a dick. At least I can fix the damn thing for under $1,000.

I know it's not necessarily in the same category, but I also like the early '70's Datsun 240Z. Drop a Chevy 350 in that little bastard and enjoy the crazy looks from innocent bystanders. And +1 to the AC Ace sans-sissy motor, otherwise know as the AC Cobra.
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