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Originally Posted by Coldhardsteel View Post
I tend not to like the look of vintage cars, I'm a modern design guy.

New Camaro's, Corvettes, Challengers, Mustangs, all awesome.
That's modern design? Corvette - yes. Mustang - Maybe, but the Camaro and especially the Challenger are just updates to the retro. I especially hate the new Challenger. It looks like they took an old one and inflated it. It's a big heavy car.

My vintage picks would be

55-56 Chevy Nomad (something to carry the drums)
65 GTO - Tripower!
70 Chevelle 454
67-68 Camaro (hate the wings on the fenders of the 69)
Any Vette from the 50s-early 70s

And for an English car, how about the Ace from the 60s I think. That's what became the AC Cobra once they dropped in a real engine!
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