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Default Re: Vintage cars

My hands down favorite is the 1968 Firebird.

I had two of them.

The first one my Dad bought for my mom in 1968. Pontiac was selling them at the time for a $1 a pound. Nobody markets cars like that anymore.

It was $3,012 and weighed in at 3,012 lbs. It had a Ram Air IV 400 cubic in. 6.6 litre engine with the M22 4 speed and all the stock goodies (hood tachometer, Hurst shifter, rally wheels, rear spoiler) and came in that beautiful cobalt blue paint job.

My Dad bought it for my Mom so she could drive up the NJ Turnpike from DC for her dentist appointments. Don't bother asking, my Mom was a nuts about her dentists.

That car hauled ass. You could be going about 20-25 mph in second gear, floor it, and the rear wheels would just break free and burn rubber.

When I turned 16, I bought the car from my Mom and drove that car for years. In 1985, I bought another '68. Same specs, same features. $4,400.

My brother totalled that car and I never got over it. It was in near mint condition with only 50,000 miles. It would be worth close to $40,000 today.

I've had a love affair with that car for 30 years.

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