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I'm English but I have an unhealthy obsession with Vintage American muscle cars as do a couple of my friends. I think it stems from watching Gone in 60 seconds, Bullit and all those other films far too much. I'd literally give one of my testicles for the chance to own a Shelby GT500 ot 350. Big fan of 1969-1970 Dodge Chargers and Challengers, also love the Plymouth GTX around the 1970 models.

To be honest though anything that looks like a muscle car I'd love.

Where I live in England there is quite a big group of young guys that modify cars. Every saturday theres a massive gathering along the seafront to showoff their cars and whilst there are some quite nice japenese imports most of the cars are utter trash that people have made even worse by bolting a million amps worth of subwoofer to the rear.

Every so often a group of older guys with imported american muscle turn up to show them how its done and the look of sheer bewilderment, envy and inferiority on the others faces is absolutely priceless. Theres a couple of guys with replica General Lee's and you can hear the horns from my house which is about 4 miles from the seafront lol.

As for classic English cars that I'd like, the Ford Capri 3.0 RS is probably at the top of the list as its about as close to a muscle car we've ever got. Being an Essex boy I also love 'Cossies' or more commonly known as Cosworths. The Sierra and Escort Cosworths are very high up the list although only being 25 years or so old I'm not quite sure if they classify for Vintage yet!

Damn I love cars.....need more money!!!!!!!
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