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Default Re: Suggestion- Gear Reviews

Originally Posted by cooldrummer95 View Post
i think that a big, organized, gear review section of dw would be great. has a gear review section if you would like sort of an example. a section with everything from every manufacturer would be very nice and would give these new guys that are buying their first stuff or even more seasoned players that just want an honest review from a fellow dw member.

you could have like drums, cymbals, and hardware. and then budget, mid-level, and pro. and then brands and then series and then actual products. include pics and whatever else you would wanna throw in there to better describe the product. for could make a test video and embed it, along with a review.

the review could have like pros and cons and the star system like musicians friend.
The latest drum review from was over a year ago, so that must not be the place to go or the method to use. Just sayin'
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