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Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
Will you ever have another West Side Story, thriller or Beatles? It's hard to say. But i would think if someone had a huge amount of talent, they could take the world by storm.
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I think it's possible, but most likely not.
I'd have to disagree. These big sensations have been around, but we just don't see it, much like those who didn't see it with the Beatles or Michael Jackson. When you watch the videos of kids crying over The Beatles and MJ, you can always catch a glimpse of some middle aged or older people in the background giving those kids dirty looks. ;p Lady Gaga is the craze right now. It seems like all the young folk love her. From my 2 year-old to my wife's cousins who are in college. We're just the old people in the background this time around. Also, it doesn't take talent. It never really did. Just the right sound, image, whatever at the right time and overall media support.
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