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Default Re: A Little bit of Theory

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
Will you ever have another West Side Story, thriller or Beatles? It's hard to say. But i would think if someone had a huge amount of talent, they could take the world by storm.
I think it's possible, but most likely not.

In years past, people had the radio and word or mouth. Then they could add in MTV. Many things became popular in part because people had no where else to focus their ears, so if something good came along, people knew about it.

Today, internet, myspace, satellite radio, etc, the options are so wide. One can focus on whatever they want and ignore what ever genres they want. There are so many different scenes that people can be a part of.

When I was a teen, I could pick up Modern Drummer and I'd knew who almost everyone was, because I saw them on MTV or heard them on the radio, or they were jazz legends. Today, heck, I don't know who 1/2 these bands are, nor do I even know where they would be featured, and I wonder why they don't mention the bands who's albums I am buying, because it's not like I only listen to classic rock.
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