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Default Re: Suggestion- Gear Reviews

Choosing gear is confusing, even for a long time player!

I help many forum members privately pick their gear.
They zero in on Me for some unknown reason, They PM Me, and they consult with Me to answer questions about Drums, Cymbals, and Gear.
Usually they are beginners who are overwhelmed by all of the drum porn (as we affectionately call it) that is shown on this site.
I recently spent a month going back and forth via emails and private messages with a beginner before he selected his first entry level kit.
It all worked out and he is very happy with his choices.

I know that there are many other regular posters on this site that also do this for beginners.
We don't find them, They seem to find us!
It usually begins when a beginner posts questions about gear and we try to answer them.
They latch on to us because something that we said in a post made them ask more questions of us and it goes from there.
It is a great responsibility and also a rewarding task for us experienced members who provide this insight.

I often lay awake at night hoping that I gave the best advise that I could!

I don't know if a reorganization of our gear section would hinder, or help.
It seems that we as drummers all have to start somewhere and kind of find our own way through trial and error.

I think that it may be best if the gear section stays as it is.
Why review and pigeonhole Drums, Cymbals, and Hardware like a sales website?

Let people see everything as it is and ask questions from experienced drummers that they seek out on this site to help them select what they want.

I kind of like old drums:)
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