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Default Re: RUSH - Beyond the Lighted Stage

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
I also noticed a few discrepancies between info given the movie and past interviews.

It's always been widely told that John Rusty quit Rush on his own accord citing his health issues and lack on interest in touring, but in the movie he is asked to leave due to his health issues. The why is still the same,but the how it happened is a bit different.
I noticed that too. I had always heard that he quit as well.

I notice in Wikipedia it says they wanted him to write lyrics but he was unhappy with that. Maybe that and the health issues led to the split.

Still very interesting in the movie to see all the early footage and places in Ontario where it all started.

Originally Posted by Wolvie56 View Post
Does anybody remember that Colbert show a couple of years ago, (which the discussion was mentioned on this show) was on where Colbert mentioned that this was their (Rush's) first appearance on mainline T.V. in a LONG time? WTF?
Yeah, he actually said it was the first appearance on American TV in a long time. They've been on Canadian TV plenty. Not sure about other countries.
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