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Default Re: RUSH - Beyond the Lighted Stage

Originally Posted by Jeff Gordon #24 View Post
So true, Wolvie56! And not only that, Cleveland was where the radio station was that played "Working Man" on the air for the 1st time in America, back in '75.

How 'bout that for irony?!

Though, you may not be aware but, they were just given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Which is pretty cool in itself.

That'll show them knuckleheads @ the R&RHoF!
There are such a hosts of bands that just have not been given their due, Moody Blues, still out there touring for over 40 years, multiple top forty singles over three decades. Very influential on many bands and artists including Pink Floyd, Genesis, King Crimson, and the whole Brian Eno ambient, and through that Ultravox, U2, Talking Heads, Television and punk rock and Emo. New bands like MGMT. You've heard their influence now going on fifty years.

Rush and Yes are both bands that have been around for 40 years as well. Toured that whole time, changed with the industry and have distinct periods that exemplify these industry changes. They are also musicians bands. God forbid music should actually be played by people who can play these instruments.

ELP was a hugely influential bands. In the mid 1970s, they were raking in as much money as the Stones and Led Zeppelin. They brought the keys to the center of a rock band. Where would all those 80s synth bands be without them? Carl Palmer has been in four number one bands: Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Atomic Rooster, ELP and Asia.

You bands like Crimson, Hall and Oates, Journey, Stevie Ray Vaughn. All bands who emphasize musicianship. I am sure they will get in sooner or later. But it is a crime that bands like The Sex Pistols and the Furious Five and Dave Clark Five made it in first.

Some of the doc was really informative about things I really didn't know. I was a big fan of Hemispheres, which was a landmark album. It marked the end of a era musically. It was interesting to hear their take on that, as well as their fame and cult status.

I've played La Villa Strangiato and it's one of the hardest things in the rock repertoire . It was interesting to see that Neil himself has troubles with that piece. Also his shyness and reserve. I had often wondered why h you see Alex and Geddy on shows but often without Neil. I didn't know they were child hood friends, and they seem to have quite a close and bizarre friendship that leaves Neil as the odd man out.

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