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Default Re: Vintage cars

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
I used to like cars, Then I repaired them for 35 years. Now I couldn't care less!
Everything that has been made in the past twenty years just looks like a Toaster or a TV to me. They all look the same!
I got bored with the 60s cars years ago.
I never liked the 50s cars.
I hated the 70s cars
Forget the 80s.

I like drums much better!
I can smash drums and cymbals and they don't break.
Well, almost never break!
At least I spend more time playing the drums than I do repairing them.
Cars aren't like that! They are always broken or they need something.
I'll stay with drums.
That was priceless!
Sorry Bob me and gwaco will talk amongst ourselves as Malti says..
gwaco pics plz!
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