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Default Re: RUSH - Beyond the Lighted Stage

Originally Posted by Wolvie56 View Post
Yes, I saw it, and I have to say that it's about dam time that the group is finally been given their due to some time in the main stream media monopoly. Does anybody remember that Colbert show a couple of years ago, (which the discussion was mentioned on this show) was on where Colbert mentioned that this was their (Rush's) first appearance on mainline T.V. in a LONG time? WTF? And why is it that Rush is not in the Rock and Roll Hall yet? Along with Yes also? Frickin Madonna is in there, right. Now watch the money grubbing bastards jump on the Rush band wagon now that it seems that the media and promoters have finally woken up to what this timeless band has accomplished over 3 decades. I predict that they are in the Hall at years end, or whenever their induction period begins. I hope that the guys decline induction just to throw it back at the money grubbers. And why in the hell is it in Cleveland anyway?!? Oh well, I just fell off of my soap box. Cheers.
So true, Wolvie56! And not only that, Cleveland was where the radio station was that played "Working Man" on the air for the 1st time in America, back in '75.

How 'bout that for irony?!

Though, you may not be aware but, they were just given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Which is pretty cool in itself.

That'll show them knuckleheads @ the R&RHoF!
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