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Default Vintage cars

I don't know anyone who doesn't drool over vintage cars.
Being from America there's just a whole vintage car culture and I was wondering if people in the UK, Oz, and other non US countries, covet the same kinds of cars. I know nothing about really cool Austrailian cars, English cars, heck I don't even know if there was any cool cars in Oz.
So what's your top 3 all time favorite rides? Anything goes here, new, old, wacky, whatever
Hard to choose, but I would go with:

1965 Mustang 3/4 fastback
1965 Chevrolet Impala SS ragtop
1968 GTO with hideaway headlights

But there's so many others I like equally as well...
66 - 70 Chevelles, Challengers, 34 Ford 2 doors, 1960 Corvettes, heck almost any Corvette, 66 - 73 Camaros....

Are these world famous cars or are they just a US thing?
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