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Default Re: RUSH - Beyond the Lighted Stage

I saw it last night! Although I missed bits and pieces, and a good chunk of the ending as I was getting the kids ready for bed.

I already have the DVD on order.

Brilliant work! I can't wait to see the bonus extras that come with the DVD.

My only "complaint" was how they would discuss some albums at length, and other albums were barely mentioned. But then again, it's already 3 hours long, I suppose something had to be edited out. It could easily have been a 6 hour movie.

I also noticed a few discrepancies between info given the movie and past interviews.

It's always been widely told that John Rusty quit Rush on his own accord citing his health issues and lack on interest in touring, but in the movie he is asked to leave due to his health issues. The why is still the same,but the how it happened is a bit different.

Also Neil Peart has always said in past interviews "La Villa Strangiato" was indeed recorded all as one piece, while in the move Geddy says they attempted to record "La Villa Strangiato" in one take, but eventually recorded it in three parts. Although I suppose it's possible the drums were all in one take and the guitars/bass/keyboards were done one 3 parts.

I can't wait to watch it again without any distractions!
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