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Originally Posted by brady View Post
My phone has an alarm clock on it. :-)

I feel so out of touch with all this iPhone stuff. Sadly, my life is not important enough to warrant such a device. The other day my cell phone company notified me that I am eligible for a new phone. I have no idea what I would get. Maybe one with a keyboard for texting ease. I don't know.

I don't know if I should feel old because I have no clue what all an iPhone does or why we need it, or just be happy my life is uncomplicated enough not to need one.
It isn't just a matter of need. Smart phones, all brands, are actually small computers with phones as a feature. A lot of the features are admittedly toys or gimmicks but I can tell you with my phone in my pocket I have the world within reach. I left my house one morning at about 7 AM and locked my self out. I had the wrong key ring in my hand. I went to the " IWant" app and typed in gas stations to see if they had a lock smith or tow truck that could help and within 30 minutes I had a guy in my drive way opening my car so that I could use my garage door opener to get in the house. With out the phone I would still be on the front porch crying. I can call my son in Maryland and my sister for free basically and it allowed me to get rid of my land line phone. My service is now the same price as it was with my old cell phone and a land line, but I have much more convenience. They may not be for everyone but Love technology and try to stay up with it.
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