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Default Re: Song lyrics and other cloaked references

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I think if you play "Stairway to Heaven" backwards you can hear some satanic stuff too, but I'm pretty sure it's completely coincidental and wasn't intentionally done.
Just about any rock record played backwards, and/or way slowed down, sounds evil. And people just start to read into the gibberish they hear.

Originally Posted by Derek View Post
Some of us old folks will remember back in the day when Ozzy was constantly accused of subliminal messages in his songs (whether played backwards or whatever). He was even taken to court over this.

Jay Leno quipped in a monolouge to the effect, "Listen to the content of his songs I wonder what subliminal messages are hidden. Stay in school? Eat your vegatables? Listen to your parents?"
Yup, he was taken to court over the song "Suicide Solution". The song is supposed to be about the evils of alcoholism, but parents of a teen who committed suicide sued Ozzy claiming the song told it's listeners to kill themselves. Ozzy won, as the teen in question had suffered clinical depression, and the record had sold millions of copies yet no one else killed themselves over it.

Judas Priest faced a similar lawsuit several years later, in which they also prevailed.
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