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Default Re: A Little bit of Theory

Originally Posted by Coldhardsteel View Post
I think another observation made in this thread was the ever-evolving definition of "shocking". Years from now Marilyn Manson and Slipknot will be like Judas Priest and Ozzy, in the "Nostalgia Radio" library.

It makes you wonder what will be next, what will be considered shocking after the current shockers are outdated.
As has come up here and there in other threads, extreme metal is so extreme at this point, it's really a wonder how much further it can go. We already have black metal bands who've been to jail for burning churches, real blood on stage, playing to the point where it's getting tougher to distinguish one note from another, and one band's singer killed himself, and the remaining members made necklaces from his skull. Of course, much of this is still relatively out of the mainstream.
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