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Default Re: A Little bit of Theory

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Getting back to the idea of homogenization of music, I have wondered if the internet will lead to the demise of popular music. If you don't have a unified production system, you can't have a popular system. Certainly there's a lot of indie music out there today; but it seems like the industry is having a comeback.
We're certainly seeing signs of it. We're seeing few "big names" selling umpteen million copies of any one album, yet hundred upon hundreds of bands are able to sell a few thousand copies, and more underground genre's of music are getting small bits of mainstream recognition because it sells just enough to not be ignored.

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
I lvoe it when being a radical becomes so commonplace that the only thing to do is rebel against it.
I remember being 11 or so, and thinking Ozzy and Judas Priest were so extreme. Now, they get played on classic rock radio along side the The Beatles and the Stones, and I think nothing of letting my 3 yr old listen to them.
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