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Default Re: A Little bit of Theory

Ditto on that Polly. You are a girl after my own heart. I almost cried when I read that post. lol

This line could be right out of a Brecht text . . .

"I see "emotion over technique" as being part of the corporatisation of the music industry. It's actually manipulated emotion over technique, not emotion with any great depth."

For many artists, art was the only true expression of emotion; but maybe to some degree, all art is faux emotion. The role of music is certainly to manipulate emotion. For Brecht, that was not a positive thing under capitalism for the reason you stated. It was pure exploitation to create an army of worker bees for the Capitalist system. Brecht was a real rogue but I suspect that one hundred years hence, he will be seen as one of the most important writers/thinkers of the 20th century.

Getting back to the idea of homogenization of music, I have wondered if the internet will lead to the demise of popular music. If you don't have a unified production system, you can't have a popular system. Certainly there's a lot of indie music out there today; but it seems like the industry is having a comeback.

As far as standards, who is going to set them? The industry, the academic, the artist the audience. I don't know that academia has ever had a role in setting the standard. Seems like it should be the artists themselves.

MGMT . .indie labels are so passe. "The Rolling Stones weren't an Indie Band"

I lvoe it when being a radical becomes so commonplace that the only thing to do is rebel against it.

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