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Default Re: New KickPort bass drum port anyone tried one?

I just put one on my Pearl SMX 24x18 bass drum and noticed a real improvement in the sound. It does exactly as it claims, it gives a clear focused sound with huge gains to the lower tones. I too have a collection of bass drums for my kit (18, 20, 22, 24) but have only tried it on the 24. I'd love to put it on my other bass drums but at $40 a kickport I'll have to be patient and do this over time, lol. It does seem to be worth the price though, I'm very pleased with the sound.

As a note, I'm using it with a Remo powerstroke 3 on the batter side and a simple black ambassador on the resonant side. As for additional muffling, I have nothing touching the resonant head (as they recommend) but I have an Evans kickpad on the interior only lightly touching the batter head to reduce a bit of the interior reflections of the maple (watch Bob Gatzens video to better understand what I mean by that). I'm curious to see whether some subtle changes in my tuning (ie. just a bit above wrinkle, perhaps just a bit tighter than that) can allow for completely removing the kickpad.
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