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Default New Online lesson ready to go!:-)

Hi folks....just this little notice today. It was a big one to edit but its finally done. Hope you like it.
New Online lesson Video!! Specialty Phrasing Series- Groups of 7 using 16th notes!!
In this video lesson we are going to learn how to use another very popular rhythmic concept. Using 16th notes in 4/4 we are learning to create phrasing by accenting notes broken up into groups of 7. This creates wonderful endless phrasing opportunities and can create the illusion that you are playing in "7". It might sound a bit complicated but its not. Its an extremely useful concept that all players use, and of course it can be taken across many genres of music. Rock, Funk, Jazz, Brazilian, Afro Cuban, Fusion etc etc. Once you understand how to use this concept you will have a never ending flow with this rhythmic motif! Comes with PDF notation - 31 min.

you can see a preview here

All the best
Live to play!
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