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Default Re: Is Pollyanna a girl?

To go even further off topic (well, what is "on" topic in this thread really), my local rural market town has a really good gigging scene. Just like the walk back in time you described Polly. To put it in perspective, the town population is under 50,000. We have at least 5 centre pubs that have proper bands on every week. Two of those have dedicated live music rooms. We also have a live music only club. Holds around 800 with 50ft stage & good house PA & lights. Our favourite pub is The Barrels. I put up a couple of clips from that venue a few weeks ago. Has a regular gig room plus holds frequent outdoor gigs in their courtyard with a dedicated stage. Outdoor gigs attract 700-800 audience for a good band. On top of that, there's also many live music pubs in the surrounding area. My band has 5 times more gig offers than we choose to accept. Given we're in a rural area, pretty much in the middle of nowhere, I think we're very lucky.
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