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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Alas, I don't have video recorder ... but here's the soundtrack.

Has anyone mentioned World Party's Ship of Fools or is that another massive fail on my part? :) ... whatever, even if the lyrics are preachy, great groove, piano and vocs.
"Ship of Fools" (1987): #4 in Australia; #27 in the US, #42 in the UK
"Put the Message in the Box" (1990): #39 in the UK; #8 in the US Modern Rock chart
"Way Down Now" (1990): #1 in the US Modern Rock chart, #66 in the UK
"Is It Like Today" (1993): #19 in the UK; #52 in Germany; #5 in the US Modern Rock chart

Sorry Pol, but I love World Party.
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