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Default Re: Bernard "Pretty" Purdie

Everybody knows who Ringo is but I had never heard of BP till some time after I got into drumming and I was searching utube for inspiration.
I immediately saw the genius in this drummer and one has to wander why such a great drummer is not well known.
First of all I think only drummers know the name of great drummers. The general public will only know the singer or the lead guitar player at best.
Ringo was a special case because he was a member of the Beatles.
I knew of him from always and I as many others would be shocked to find out that he was not as good of a drummer as the legend built around him would indicate and the myth of the Beatles would be hurt (record sales).That is why it has to be kept secret and Purdy made to look like a fool for even insinuating that he was used in some of the Beatles songs.
For me it does not really matter. Purdy is awesome and unfortunately for him he was not a cute young man from Liverpool.
Funny, the only reason I know of Liverpool is because of the Beatles.
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