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Default Re: Is Pollyanna a girl?

Haha ... ""woman drinking milk whilst wearing seatbelt and listening to jazz music"" ... the thread has since been removed. Here's the background. Tommy had an anti-milk rant thread. There was also some joke/controversy/whatever about women at the time (not sure if I was involved in that one) so Royal started a thread about women drinking milk ... with that picture.

Then I altered the pic to reflect more forum neuroses - adding a seatbelt (which Tommy likes as much as he likes milk and Democrats) and reposted it ... thus ... "woman drinking milk whilst wearing seatbelt and listening to jazz music" ... you had to be there, I guess. I guess the upshot is that it's fun to tease over-serious people :)

For some reason (probably the woman) Brady took a liking to the pic ....

Originally Posted by Red Menace
Polly, I realized as I was wading through all the vagina jokes posted that your posts are probably the ones that I quote the most often... Not really sure why.
Sheer weight of numbers, Red ... either that or we're soul mates :)

Originally Posted by Red Menace
As for your Clown joke, I threw that out at my girlfriend's gig the other day and didn't even get a chuckle or a joke roll from the drummer. I think it carries further hilarity when I make it because I actually do clown gigs on the weekends. Tough crowd...
Did you check to later to see if the drummer heard the joke? At gigs, when our vocalist talks fast and I'm at the back of the stage looking at his back I miss most of what he says.
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