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you may be right about breaking it down to genre. But as a question, couldn't modern rock and emo be said to deal with the notion of alienation?
Yes for emo, pop-punk, and pop-rock, maybe for metal, but definitely not for desert rock (or stoner rock if you prefer). I've actually renamed stoner/desert rock to metal blues because a lot of QotSA, TCV, and Kyuss tracks have a bluesy feel to them. Not the traditional blues riffs, mind you, but the style and feel, the mood. I think they stick out from the alienation mold like a boner in gym class. If I had to attach a narrative to their music I'd probably have to say it would be walk your path. Not as in alienation or rebellion or anarchy, but more like you should just do what you want. And remember, I'm getting this from the music, not the lyrics, as they're generally chaotic and meaningless when taken as a whole. Also, bear in mind that's how I interpret it. Mileage may vary. ;)

P.S: In the spirit of the nickname hijack in the Little bit of Theory thread, feel free to just call me jt. I don't particularly care for it because it reminds me of Justin Timberlake, but most of my coworkers use it regardless.
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